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D.V.I Solutions (S) Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading Audio Visual Solutions Provider.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with an audio-visual solution that is tailored to their individual needs, is impressive and is simple to operate and maintain.

Established in 2002, D.V.I Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd brought together a wealth of experience & expertise in Audio & Visual from its founders and has since expanded its market coverage internationally. We are renown for maintaining the highest quality of work in all our projects regardless of size, as well as for working within tight timelines and on budget.


D.V.I Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd provides Audio Visual Solutions, tailored to each client’s need. 
These are designed, built and implemented with the intent to fulfill the following functions:

1. Meet the clients’ requirements and purpose.
2. Its usage be made as user-friendly as possible.
3. Simple yet sophisticated in design and outlook.
4. Easily maintained, with an aim towards a low average cost of maintenance over the lifespan of the system.


List of products and services

1. Design and Planning.
2. Project Management.
3. Installation, Engineering and Migration Services.
4. Maintenance Services.
5. Rental of Equipment.
6. Sale of Audio Visual Products.



D.V.I Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd
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